Veni Vidi Vici !

The Caesar Inu Token is the Emperor of all INU’s. Caesar Inu is now on the Ethereum blockchain and Caesar commands to bring together all INU’s!
All Hail Caesar!

Caesars Story
My owner was Julius Caesar who led the Roman armies into wars. He was the dictator of the Roman Empire.
I “Caesar” the Emperor has now risen to build my own army and bring all Inu`s together so that we can conquer the Ethereum Blockchain.
This will be our empire to hold and conquer together as one.
The Bigger my army grows the longer they hold the more they shall be rewarded.


Liquidity Pool is Locked .


For the investors safety our Contarct is Renounced .

NO ( zero )

Community backed token with Zero tax.


  • Contract  – 0x2CC511D15A84EC01C73d7C8934083AA6F65B0097
  • Token name  – Caesar Inu
  • Ticker  – CAESAR
  • Decimal  – 9
  • Supply – 10,000,000,000 CAESAR
  • Etherscan –  Link

the road to rome

Phase 1 to victory
Phase 2 to victory
Phase 3 to victory
Phase 4 to victory
We together will conquer all INU's